Disney's 'Nightmare Before Christmas' cheese board is perfect for hosting spooky movie nights


Picture this: it’s a chilly fall night and you’re ready to curl up on the couch to watch some spooky movies. But before you do, you need pumpkin spice lattes and some snacks!

That’s where the Jack Skellington cheese board comes into play.

The “Pumpkin King”-inspired board is the only festive serving board you need this holiday season, especially if you’re a huge fan of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Jack’s likeness is stained into the eco-friendly rubberwood of the round charcuterie board.

When you swivel open the secret compartment on the bottom, it comes with all the essential tools needed for your Pinterest-like board including a cheese cleaver (for crumbly cheeses), cheese plane (for semi-hard to hard cheese slices), fork-tipped cheese knife, and hard cheese knife/spreader.

Per the description, it also has a “recessed moat along the board's edge to catch cheese brine or juice from cut fruit.”

Impressing all your friends this Halloween season will only cost you $45 plus whatever you spend on your variety of cheeses, cured meats, olives, pickles, tapenades, dried fruits, and chutney.

You can get your Jack Skellington cheese board right here!

“Nightmare Before Christmas” is one of those staple Halloween movies that has a very passionate and dedicated fanbase, so there’s plenty of new merchandise inspired by the film available every season.

One of the most exciting additions this year is the Oogie Boogie and Zero plush doll, which are now available at Build-A-Bear’s website.

The spooky doll from Tim Burton's classic film comes with a singing sound piece. When pressing on Oogie Boogie’s paw, you can hear the song that scared Sandy Claws.

If you really want to bring Halloween’s spirit into your home this season, you’re going to need to invest in Disney’s collection, which also includes a tabletop black tree standing at 36 inches tall with 50 purple lights.

The eerie tree also includes character ornaments including the Pumpkin King and the Clown with the Tear-Away Face.

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