Frances McDormand Offered Job at Target While Getting Into Character for 'Nomadland'


In Frances McDormand's latest flick, she plays a woman living out of a van, desperate for work. Her pleas were heard, and Target swooped in to actually offer her a job.

"Nomadland" is a film set in the Great Recession of the early 2000s as McDormand's character, Fern, sets out for the West in a white van as a modern-day nomad. She manages to scrounge up work in her travels.

McDormand participated in a virtual press conference for the Venice Film Festival, where the film took home the festival's top prize. McDormand explained how she got into character for the role, Insider reports.

McDormand and around 24 other people actually traveled around for five months with a community of other van dwellers. They visited more than 7 states. "We played a game of 'what if?' What if I was really one of them," she said.

During their travels, they stopped in a town in Nebraska where McDormand was offered the job at a Target. "In one town, in Nebraska, I went to the local Target and I was offered employment. I was offered a form to fill out," she explained.

She remembers turning to her director and saying, "It's working!"

But learning the ways of the van dwellers was still a matter of doing the right research. The most important part of the process for McDormand was "hearing their story, not telling mine."

"Nomadland" hits theaters on December 4th.

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