Jennifer Lawrence had a 'really, really hard time' working with Jonah Hill during 'Don't Look Up'

Jennifer Lawrence
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The new satire, “Don’t Look Up” has become the talked-about Hollywood blockbuster of the 2021 holiday season.

And, for a change, it’s not just because of the stellar all-star cast – Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, to name a few.

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It’s the way in which the film’s hefty themes – climate change, the divisive debate over it, and our often lackadaisical response to it – are (or are not, depending on your opinion) balanced with just enough humor and fun cameos to keep it from being just a fiery polemic.

Although the film also suggests we’re well past the needing sugar to make the medicine go down stage, when it comes to the ecosystem.

It seems that behind the scenes, relations between some of the actors mirrored the serious / fun dichotomies of the film.

Lawrence particularly had a few awkward co-star situations during the shoot.

First, as Cosmopolitan reported, Ariana Grande didn't like Lawrence when the pair first hung out during filming, mainly due to Lawrence being a bit star struck at first.

Then, she had a hard time dealing with the expert improvisations of co-star Jonah Hill.

As Lawrence recently told Vanity Fair, "It was really, really hard filming with Jonah, and just not ruining take after take, laughing…. We one time dedicated an entire day to him just improv-ing insults at me. It was amazing."

As far as the finished product, it’s probably a good thing Lawrence was thrown a bit by Hill, as the two characters they play have a policy battle going on between them.

And lest we forget that earlier in the year, reports surfaced that Lawrence made comments that lead co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, was being paid more for the film – though she soon quashed any rumors of bad feelings to Vanity Fair.

"Look, Leo brings in more box office than I do,” she flatly admitted. “I'm extremely fortunate and happy with my deal."

The irony is that laughing off tough situations is something that “Don’t Look Up” critiques, as Lawrence was well aware of.

When Vanity Fair asked what is the main thing viewers should take away from "Don't Look Up," Lawrence replied, "To stop handling information the way that we do now, where there's like the truth and science and then politics, or you know, personal feelings involved. You know, we should all just be on the same page of, you know, taking care of our planet, and taking care of mankind. World peace would be my hope."

While world peace may not come too soon, Oscar nods just might. Despite film fans debating the merits of the movie, most critics believe it will show up around awards season.

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