'Mulan' Is Streaming Now for an Extra $30, Will Be Free for Disney+ Subscribers in December


Walt Disney’s live-action remake of “Mulan” is now available for streaming.

While many fans were anticipating the theatrical release, due to COVID, the remake of the 1998 animated hit can be streamed on the company’s subscription service, Disney+, as of September 4.

Fans who want to watch the film can rent it for $29.99 with Premiere Access. This price is in addition to the monthly subscription cost for Disney+. Once you have Premier Access, you can watch the film as many times as you want as long as you remain an active subscriber. The film will also be available if you reactivate your subscription, per CNET.

The movie will still make its theatrical run in countries where Disney+ is not available.

Disney+ subscribers who don’t want to shell out the extra $30 for the film will need to wait a few months to gain access.

It will be available on the streaming platform at no additional cost starting on December 4, 2020, reported Variety.

Initially, "Mulan" was going to be released to theaters in March. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, its release to theaters was pushed back and eventually exchanged for a streaming option.

According to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, this will not become common practice for future Disney films.

"We're looking at 'Mulan' as a one-off as opposed to say there's some new business windowing model that we're looking at," Chapek explained during a company earnings call on Tuesday.

Disney+ has recently hit 60.5 million subscribers worldwide after launching in November 2019, Deadline reports.

"Mulan" stars actress Yifei Liu in the role of Mulan, who invades the Hun army in her father's place.

Disney+ saw success with a similar model when they released "Hamilton" for streaming rather than its originally planned theatrical release. The same can be said for their streaming release of Beyoncé's "Black Is King."

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