Here's How to Order 'Hocus Pocus'-Inspired Drinks at Starbucks to Get in the Halloween Spirit


I smell… Starbucks secret menu drinks!

“Hocus Pocus” is the movie that keeps on giving every Halloween season.

As you gear up to watch the spooky flick, you may want to do it with a Starbucks drink inspired by one of the Sanderson sisters.

The drinks aren’t available as part of Starbucks’ fall menu, but you can order them off of the secret menu. Simply ask your barista to throw in all the ingredients into the cauldron and drum up your magical potion.

The drinks were created by Totally The Bomb and pulls inspiration from each of the witchy sisters and their personalities.

The base of Winifred’s drink is a green tea Frappuccino. You then add one pump of white mocha, one pump of peppermint syrup, and crushed strawberry inclusions with whipped cream on top.

The drink doesn’t just have a vibrant taste, it’s also green just like Winifred’s outfit and features a top as fiery as her hair.

Mary’s drink is a bit more timid and reportedly tastes just like a chocolate covered strawberry. The base is strawberries and cream Frappuccino along with strawberry inclusions and white mocha sweetener. In order to get that chocolate kick, ask for mocha drizzle on top and bottom of the drink along with some strawberry puree.

The Sarah drink is a sweet treat just like the blonde witch herself. It features a violet drink base with extra berries. Sub in soy milk instead of coconut milk and ask for it to be double blended. Top it off with ginger powder and whipped cream so it gives it a purple hue like her outfit and a yellow top like her hair.

With your drinks all ready to go, there’s nothing left to do but pop in a the Halloween favorite and let the nostalgia kick in.

For an even spookier experience, get your drinks in Starbucks' new glow in the dark fall tumblers!

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