‘The Sandlot’ Cast Reunites in New Trailer for Virtual Special


Families were able to hit the theaters nearly 30 years ago when “The Sandlot” premiered.

Three decades later, the cast of the 1993 classic film will be coming together for a virtual reunion, reported Entertainment Weekly.

Patrick Renna, who played Hamilton “Ham” Porter, debuted the trailer for the cast reunion. He shared that it will consist of reminiscing about the movie, laughs, and revisiting the iconic lines from the film.

The two-minute trailer shows Renna and much of the original cast. Mike Vitar, who played Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez opted out of the reunion.

In the absence of Vitar, the reunion will incorporate MLB players to fill in on some roles.

Renna recently started his own YouTube channel called You're Killing Me With Patrick Renna, where he has posted videos that all lead to a gathering of most of the main actors.

"I never realized how much technical expertise goes into these things," Renna said. "We started with Secrets Of The Sandlot just to get a feel for how it works one on one," he adds. "Still going from one guest to 19 that, we didn't know what we had in store for ourselves."

Renna had lost contact with the cast over the years, but after the team reunited in 2018, they became friends again.

According to Renna, plans are in the works for a TV reboot of "The Sandlot" on streaming platform Disney+.

“We all met on it, and all the guys are interested in it. The concept is we're grown up and we have our own kids. And so it's, there's some cool angles to it,” Renna explained.

"The Sandlot" Cast Reunion premieres Wednesday on the "You’re Killing Me with Patrick Renna" YouTube channel.

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