Poll: Which Movie Scared You When You Were a Kid?


While it's easy to pretend that nothing in the world could possibly scare you, many of us have that one childhood movie that always irked us as children.

Twitter users everywhere are taking to a thread about the movies that traumatized them as kids. Some of the answers ended up being rather surprising.

While many of the answers were centered around movies that had highly graphic or downright eerie scenes, some of the films chosen just had one unshakeable moment that ruined the movie's entire air of innocence.

The originator of the thread, for example, couldn't help but call out "Jumanji," a film about a group of kids who literally get sucked into a game and must fend for themselves as the game comes to life.

Many users could agree on one particularly traumatizing movie: "Jaws." The film follows a few friendly faces as they attempt to hunt down a massive killer shark that began to well up fear in a local beach town.

One of the more surprising answers includes "Pinocchio." "The scene where Lampwick turns into a donkey freaked me out," a user writes of the classic Disney film.

Who would have thought that a traumatizing movie would come in the form of "Wizard of Oz?" "When those feet curled up underneath Dorothy's house...," one user writes. The film, which chronicles the adventures of Dorothy as she's swept away to a magical land during a tornado, had many users shaking in their boots.

Some users couldn't help but leave their opinions with no explanation, like this user, who was rattled by "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. "

Find out which movie was the all-time scariest for kids.