EXCLUSIVE: Patrick Mahomes reveals what's on his pregame playlist

Throwback artists and Hip Hop elite populate the MVP's headphones

Patrick Mahomes hears a lot of noise on the field. Kansas City Chief coaches are yelling plays, teammates are talking and the crowd (virtual) are chanting his name. But before entering that warrior state of mind, the MVP quarterback likes to hear "throwback" artists during pregame warmups.

“The steady playlist I’m listening to is Meek Mill, Drake and some of those guys,” he told RADIO.COM’s Carrington Harrison & 'The Sports Machine' Sean Levine. “I have an app called ‘Ear Buds’ that lets you tune in with me.” They caught up with Mahomes after the Chiefs’ 26-17 win over the Buffalo Bills, Monday night. Listen to the full clip above.

Pat dug deeper into his favorites and referenced classic artists that resonate with him. “I have a lot of Meek, a lot of J Cole. They’re guys I guess you would call old school now that I grew up with and listened to.”

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Mahomes and the Chiefs have found instant success during the 2020 NFL season. Despite positive coronavirus cases across the league, Kansas City is 5-1 heading into the midpoint of the season. The quarterback credits a good work ethic and preparedness for avoiding a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

"You just have to be prepared for everything this year," he said, "knowing with all the stuff going on in this world, that you have to be able to accept the challenge of going out there and have success."

He likens the precautions to a level of sacrifice for his teammates and family. "I think the best thing you can do is just know the people you're around," he said. "I make sure everyone I'm around is tested or has been tested recently. I try to keep those numbers down as minimal as possible. I don't go out to eat -- I just kind of sit at home.”

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