After 12 Years This Mariah Carey Album Hit Number One, Here's How She Celebrated

Mimi leads the way

On Monday morning Mariah Carey started her day by discovering that her 2008 album, E=MC2 hit number one on iTunes in the United States. To make matters even more exciting the iconic album hit number one on its twelfth anniversary.

Carey celebrated the news by tweeting a video Tuesday where she does an impromptu riff on "Last Kiss." In the middle of her riff she hilariously says, “hold on am I singing the right words?” We understand why Mimi may not remember the words to all her songs. Through the years the singer has seen so much success and sung so many incredible lyrics, it probably becomes hard to keep track of all your best bops.

Fans on Twitter have jokingly taken to using the hashtag “#JusticeForEMC2” to imply that the album is finally receiving the recognition it deserves… and we honestly agree. E=MC2 is truly one of our favorite Mariah albums.

If we are going to have a conversation about the greatness and glory behind E=MC2, then we have to address the music video that accompanies the song “Touch My Body.” Not only is Carey gracefully slaying the sex-kitten motif, that most pop-stars can only dream of achieving, but also the video features Jack McBrayer playing a “nerd” being seduced by Carey. It’s a story we’ve seen over and over again, but there is something about Mariah Carey playing the seductress that makes this video so iconic. The decadent and almost campy nature of the video is indicative of all mid-2000s music videos, and we just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Each song on the album’s track list is just one jam after another. From “Cruise Control” to “I Stay In Love” to “Bye Bye,” we’ve had this album on repeat before it even started trending on iTunes. To be very frank, we may have had this album on repeat since it dropped in 2008. We are glad to see the rest of the “Lambily" has finally caught on.

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