EXCLUSIVE: AJ Mitchell on His Earliest Songs and Support From Shawn Mendes

The “Slow Dance” singer tells us his most embarrassing lyrics

We know that AJ Mitchell has been writing jams since he was 13-years-old, but just how far back do his songwriting skill go?

“I started writing when I was 6, and what I was writing about was, what you would expect,” he tells RADIO.COM in the exclusive interview above. “Two birds falling out of a tree, one fell off and broke his knee,” he laughs. “Literally that’s the song.”

Who knows, with the right producer the “broken knee bird” song could be a hit. It’s just one from the archives for the now 18-year-old singer, who continues his rise with his latest EP Slow Dance. “I definitely have those songs that I wrote when I was a kid, that I have saved on my phone, or I have written down, saved in a notebook,” he adds. “I’m sure my mom has 20 copies of every song at this point.”

“One of the most embarrassing lyrics from one of my songs is actually a song I wrote when I was 13, called ‘Butterflies,’” he remembers. "Every single time I see your face, I get this feeling in my stomach and it won't go away."

“I was like, maybe I shouldn’t show my friends that one.”

Despite his loving lyrics, Mitchell isn’t currently dating anyone. He did however survive his first Tinder experience. It’s the only dating app he’s tried, and really it’s because they personally invited him to try it. “I did the app in front of them, it was my first time,” he recalls quickly. “I did the whole thing, and I got a date,” he says, slowing down to bask in his own swagger. “That day. I did.”

It was a Julia Michaels cover that helped Mitchell break through, with his videos posted to YouTube and Instagram helping AJ to attract attention. In the now though, it’s Shawn Mendes who has been a helping hand as AJ enters the next part of his career, always there with guidance.

“He’s actually really supportive with all my music,” says Mitchell. “He’ll text me and be like, ‘yo I love your new song,’ or I’ll send him songs and be like, ‘yo what do you think?’ But he’s been very supportive."

In August, AJ Mitchell released the Slow Dance EP, including the title track featuring Ava Max. “For me it’s like blocking out everything, everything goes to black, everything blurs out but just you and that person in front of you,” he says of the song. “It’s just having an intimate moment.”

Slow Dance is now available everywhere.