Alicia Keys Warns GRAMMY Winners, 'Don't Forget Your Mom'

Keys returns to host music’s biggest night on Sunday January 26

Once again this year, Alicia Keys will guide the ship for music’s biggest night, returning to host the 2020 GRAMMY Awards this weekend. A 15-time GRAMMY winner and Best New Artist recipient, Keys is an expert, and last year she elevated her game and showed all of her talent as host.

Effortlessly leading the evening and flexing through an astounding double piano performance, Keys was a hit. Now with a second year in the driver seat, what can we expect with the “Girl On Fire” singer in control?

There’s sure to be big moments and collaborations, but it’s the unexpected elements that are most exciting to Keys. “I think that’s kind of the cool part about the whole thing, you don’t know what’s gonna happen,” Alicia Keys tells RADIO.COM. “There’s a magic to it. There’s an energy about music and the liveness of it that just allows, who knows what’s gonna happen. I’m also not sure what’s gonna happen, but what I do know is it’s gonna be a great energy, I’m gonna bring a great energy, and I’m there to celebrate the artists and just make it feel good.”

Keys picked up her first armful of trophies in 2002, winning 5 at the 44th Annual GRAMMY Awards. In total she’s been nominated 29 times, and knows what it’s like to step on that stage.

“Just speak from the heart,” she recommends to winners on Sunday night. “Usually it’s such an emotional experience because you’re shocked and you’re probably super nervous, and you have to balance all these things out.”

Keys wants winners to learn from her own experience, and be sure to thank your most important supporter. “Don’t forget your mom,” she exclaims. “I would always forget my mother, like every time. And then I would be already backstage like, ‘I forgot.’”

Alicia’s mom has never brought it up, but it hasn’t stopped her from feeling guilty. “I kind of felt bad cause without her, for me - our experience, she raised me. So without her, I wouldn’t even be there.”

You can watch Alicia Keys host the 2020 GRAMMY Awards on Sunday January 26 at 8PM ET on CBS. Be sure you check out all of RADIO.COM’s coverage from music’s biggest night.

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