A Look at Beyoncé's COVID-19 Testing Site in Her Hometown of Houston

Beyoncé is doing her part for her city

Beyoncé showed us she is truly doing her part by sharing a video of the COVID-19 testing sites she and her mother Tina Knowles-Lawson helped set up over Mother’s Day weekend.

The two mobile testing sites were just the first of many Bey and her mother have planned as part of their #IDIDMYPART campaign and BeyGOOD initiative. The campaign encourages the black community to put an emphasis on health during this time, as well giving them access to free coronavirus testing.

The weekend’s efforts brought out countless members of the community, including Houston native Paul Wall and Mayor Sylvester Turner, who praised both ladies, thanking them “from the entire city." In addition, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who was almost brought to tears by the amount of cars already lined up as early as 8AM. The Congresswomen applauded the mother-daughter duo.

“Tina Knowles-Larson, who envisioned the idea to say why can't everybody get tested?” Adding, “Can I pronounce to Mrs. Knowles-Larson, your vision is being implemented, it's working.” Proving the BeyGOOD initiative is in fact accomplishing what both Beyoncé and Tina intended it to. Overall, 975 tests were administered.

The BeyGOOD initiative was launched just a few weekends prior on April 23rd. Bey used her platform to celebrate the healthcare workers for all of their sacrifices, along with those who work in service industry, stressing the impact this pandemic is having on the black communities.

”Those with pre-existing conditions are at an even higher risk. This virus is killing black people at an alarmingly high rate here in America,” concluding her message by urging fans to "stay encouraged" and "protect yourselves."

Both Tina and Beyonce are vowing to do their part during this trying time and using the #IDIDMYPART campaign to urge and challenge other celebrities to do the same, and continue the initiative in other cities nationwide. “Nothing would make me happier than to see people use their platforms to get this information out,” says Knowles-Lawson. “People are getting testing who wouldn’t otherwise. We can keep the momentum going.”

Several have already accepted the challenge. Tyler Perry has vowed to implement the initiative in Atlanta, Octavia Spencer aims to set up sites across Mississippi. Beyoncé has also inspired other Houston celebrities to do their part. Houston artist Don Toliver gave back to his city by providing 300 prepared lunches for frontline workers at UMMC. As well as Megan Thee Stallion, who previously donated money, supplies, and Amazon Fire tablets to the residents and staff at the Park Manor Nursing Facility.

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