EXCLUSIVE: Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Camila Cabello Tell Us Their Favorite Halloween Candy

Plus some hot candy takes from the Jonas Brothers, Becky G, and Marshmello

We all know Halloween candy is “Good As Hell,” but what treats are our favorite artists a “Sucker” for? Not to be a “bad guy” but not all candy is created equal. There’s only a few we want to eat “24/7” and now that we know, we’ll “Never Be The Same.”

We’re scaring ourselves, so we’ll get out the way and let some of the biggest names in music tell you what sweets set them off.

“Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Twix, Kit Kats,” smiles Billie Eilish in the exclusive RADIO.COM video above. “I’m vegan so it’s over for them,” she laughs.

Kit Kat is also a favorite choice of Camila Cabello, she told us, or rather sang to us.

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Those are all solid choices, but Joe Jonas is here with a classic. “Candy corn, for sure” he says defensively, almost sensing the groan in the room. “Come at me bro if you don’t like candy corn.”

“I had candy corn for the first time ever like a week ago,” Becky G adds with a laugh. “I’m kind of a Butterfinger guy,” offers Nick Jonas. “Yeah, Butterfinger, Twix,” Kevin Jonas continues.

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There are all kinds of candy you can fill your pumpkin head bucket with this year, but Lizzo is here with some innovation, next level Halloween innovation.

“I would like some food food. You know what I’m saying? Like if they passed out some empanadas” she says. “Give me something real. Let me get a baked potato. Like a fully-loaded baked potato.”

Brilliant! But wait, the “Truth Hurts” star isn’t done.

“Or, make your own baked potato bar at somebody’s house,” she lights up with excitement. “They trick or treat you the spud, and then you just go down the row and just add all your toppings. I might do that.”

This just in. We’re only going to Lizzo’s house this year.

To see more of our favorite artist’s favorite Halloween candy, check out the full video above.

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