Borat gave Katy Perry a perfect birthday gift, thanks to Orlando Bloom

Also, a touching photo album that got us in the feels

Orlando Bloom elicited help from a “very nice” celebrity source to wish wife Katy Perry a happy birthday over video message.

Bloom was able to convince Sacha Baron Cohen to portray lovable Kazakhstanian traveler Borat for a personal birthday video message that brought the awkward real quick. He referred to her as “Katy Pepsi,” in an apparent nod to her 2015 Super Bowl halftime show. That’s when things got a little weird.

"I was planning on going sailing in Florida and so I make internet searching of Orlando water sports,” Borat exclaimed into the camera. “But instead, Mr. Google sent me a photograph of your husband with his crumb out. He have a very good one.” For those of you non Orlando Bloom stans, it’s important to know the actor was photographed nude paddle boarding in 2016.

"It must be nice to see Orlando Bloom,” the actor chided. “You will have a very nice birthday. A lot of cream on your cake."

Perry posted the candid video on Instagram with the mortified caption “omg @orlandobloom 🎂.”

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omg @orlandobloom 🎂

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Orlando later struck a more sentimental tone by posting adorable snap shots of intimate moments shared by the couple. “Happy Birthday my love 🎂🎈❤️oh the places we’ll go...” Bloom captioned, along with pics of the couple vacationing in Egypt and other personal selfies.

It’s another year older, and another year wiser for Katy. She’s imparting that wisdom on young voters. She recently joined Jane Fonda and other politically active celebrities for a viral jazzercise video to get out the vote. Throughout the workout session, the pop-star and new mom is munching on protein bars while admiring herself in the mirror. Later on, in the video we see Katy using her breast pump and encouraging viewers to "get pumped... to vote.”