Britney Spears Details Hot Fruit Showers and Wrapping Herself in Aluminum Foil in Latest Instagram Post

Her skin regimen may be unorthodox, but it seems to work

Warning, the latest Instagram post from Britney Spears is quite long and chock full of emojis.

The “Toxic” singer was yearning for a spa day, so she decided to try to recreate the experience at her home.

“I know we are all getting a little coo coo with what’s going on in the world 🙄🤷‍♀️ … It feels like I haven’t been to a spa 💅💅 in years so I decided to create one at my house 🏡 !!!!” she started off her Instagram post.

“I bought an electrical mat that vibrates your body, neck, back, and legs …. it’s so cool !!!! Then I got honey 🍯, two of my favorite 🧴 lotions, coconut oil, and baby oil …. then I wrapped myself in aluminum foil and saran wrap 🙈 !!!! I did this for an hour it was so awesome,” she said before adding that her “skin was smoother than a baby’s a** 🤣🎂🙊 !!!!”

Britney then went on to detail an experience she had in New York where she took a hot fruit shower. You read that correctly, a shower with fruit.

“I had an experience in New York where they had an overhead shower that would sprinkle your body with hot water and fruit … yes fruit was involved 🍇🍓🥝🍴!!!!  You don’t even have to get up 🥞🥓☀️ …. you just close your eyes and relax  ☘️🌛!!!!” she said.

"The antioxidants must have worked their magic because my skin felt great after 👯‍♀️!!!! I haven’t had an experience like that since then so if anybody out there knows where I can find a place like that again give me shout !!!! After coronavirus that’ll be the first place I go ⭐️💋👄🧚🏻‍♂️🌼🌷👑🐠🐣🦄🍦🍿🏹 !!!!” Spears added.

We are also interested in this fruit shower. Please CC us. Thank you.

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