EXCLUSIVE: BTS on Making 'Make It Right' with Ed Sheeran and Lauv, Loving Lizzo, and More

The boys are back from break and ready to see the ARMY again

BTS is back from break and inviting new friends into the fold. The group has released a remix for “Make It Right,” featuring Lauv and co-written by Ed Sheeran, the first full group release since a scheduled break sidelined the K-pop Kings from the music scene in August.

“We actually just had our long official vacation for one month,” RM says casually in an exclusive interview with RADIO.COM, as if it wasn’t global news that the boys needed to “rest and recharge” after six non-stop years. “We went to Europe, we went to the park, we rode a bicycle, we played with our puppy, we read books,” he lists.

The group is gathered in their studio, already back to work on a new album, but today is about “Make It Right.” The new edition of the track from the group’s chart-topping Map Of The Soul: Persona album, came about how most collaborations do in the world of BTS – via mutual appreciation.

“Really suddenly, he had like a little shout out in his Instagram. He said that he liked our album,” RM says of Sheeran. “Everybody was very happy because Ed said he liked our album.”

After trading love in their DMs, things moved to email as Sheeran got to work on something new for the group. “He wrote all the hooks with his producers, and we wrote the lyrics, and that’s how the collaboration happened.”

Through all the back and forth of crafting “Make It Right,” they still have not managed to meet with the “Shape Of You” singer. “Not yet. We can’t believe it. He’s very busy and we are too,” RM exclaims. “Next time we visit Britain maybe, we surely want to meet him. We just want him to dance.”

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The next step to getting the remix in order also happened in the UK, with Lauv showing up at one of the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour stops at Wembley Stadium. “We’re like so fanboys of Lauv, and he said he wanted to come to our show,” remembers RM. “We found out that we were both each other’s fans, and he just said like, let’s work. That’s how it happened.”

Lauv is equally beside himself over the connection, telling RADIO.COM that it’s, “absolutely changing my life.”

“It’s been one of my favorite collabs,” adds Lauv, who is also gearing up for a new album that arrives in 2020. Might BTS pop up on that LP and return the favor? “We don’t know,” they say from their studio. “Only Lauv knows, maybe.”

The power of fandom has fueled so much for BTS, bringing them together with next level artists through a love of each other’s work. It happened with Halsey for “Boy With Luv,” who the group stays in touch with and calls, “very sweet.” It happened with many of the new friends they made while visiting award shows in the US, and now once again with Ed Sheeran and Lauv. That’s why when you ask BTS what they are listening to, you never know what it could lead to.

“Lizzo!” screams one member from across the room. “Billie Eilish,” adds another. “Justin Beiber!” “Chance The Rapper.” Eilish and Post Malone are on their “collaboration wishlist,” along with Travis Scott, but it’s been the “Juice” that’s got them going lately.

Their favorite Lizzo song is “Truth Hurts,” but as RM explains, all of Cuz I Love You is fire and fitness-fuel. “When we listen to her whole album while doing all the exercises, it’s one of the best albums for the fitness. We get power and energy. Please try it. While you’re on the treadmill, you listen to the album, Cuz I Love You, and you can do it for an hour.”



BTS continues work on their next album, but tell the ARMY in the US that there are plans to visit LA, stop by a few award shows, and join some “Christmas celebrations” before the end of 2019.

The remix to “Make It Right” is now available everywhere.

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