EXCLUSIVE: BTS Reveal the Magic of '7' and Share Why Sia Was Perfect for 'ON'

The group’s new album is already the biggest release of 2020

There is a lot of meaning packed into Map Of The Soul: 7, the new album from BTS. Filled with introspective and personal Pop, it’s a giant leap forward for a group that is already a global phenomenon. The music is matched only by the visuals, which have been bursting off the screen with sophisticated dance routines and a clear eye forward for the biggest group in the world.

Every detail of the group’s new LP has been carefully constructed, from the sounds to the symbolism.

“We love the lucky number,” RM tells RADIO.COM, as the group joins us for an exclusive interview above. “We’ve got seven members here,” he smiles. “It’s been like seven years since our debut, so, seven seven seven – it’s like jackpot.”

“Yes it’s a very special number. That’s why we had to decide the title as 7.”

"This album is about the pains and difficulties that we faced, and how we've decided we've accepted it and are taking it with us" Jimin explains. "What I really want to tell the fans is that it's thanks to you, we were able to accept who we are, carry all we have and move forward. That's what I really wanted to tell the ARMY through this album: thank you, you made all this possible."

Map Of The Soul: 7 racked up over four million preorders before it even got to fans on Friday, and topped every trending list the internet could find. It’s sure to be BTS’ fourth number one album, a milestone they’ve hit within 20 months. With a world tour on the way and more surprises for the ARMY, there’s no telling how big BTS can actually be. Whatever you’re thinking, double it.

They’ve set out to dominate, not content with their record-shattering last few years. It’s obvious in every song on Map Of The Soul: 7, and in the lead single “ON,” which also got a video debut on Friday. Backed by 30 dancers and marching through the rhythm, BTS looks to be on a mission.

They get an assist on “ON” from Sia, who fits in perfectly on the powerful anthem. She was the first person they thought of for the song, BTS shares above, and they were “fortunate to get in touch with her.” Her name is also a lot of fun to say, which they deliver above in hilarious fashion.

For more from BTS, watch the full clip above and check back here for more from the group soon. Map Of The Soul: 7 is now available everywhere.

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