EXCLUSIVE: BTS Reveals What to Expect on the 'Map of the Soul' Tour

The group has prepared like never before

BTS is ready to take their Map Of The Soul Tour to unthinkable levels. With new music, new choreography, and moments so big the stage might not be able to contain them - the group is anxious to travel around the world again and show you what's next. After a sold out run through 2019, the bar has been raised for the biggest group in the world, but they’re up for the challenge.

“We worked really hard on this tour, and we prepared more for this than any other tour before,” V explains in the exclusive RADIO.COM video above. “We prepared a lot of new things, new performances. So we are really looking forward to this tour, and I hope you can look forward to the tour as well.”

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As the music and videos have hit new heights for BTS, so must the show. But how will BTS translate those epic moments to the stadium stage? Giant choreography with 30 dancers, like in the video for “ON,” require big imagination and all the talents of the K-pop group to pull it off in person.

“Since it’s like a really massive performance, we need a different feel, a normal stage can’t stand all the dancers and the marching band,” RM admits. “Yeah. When you see it you’ll get surprised. All the band, the dancers moving, just the way we’re doing – so, it’s just like, mind-blowing.”

For much more from BTS, including the next goal they want to hit and where they want to play, watch the full exclusive interview above.

“Whatever stage it would be, we want to perform there,” adds J-Hope, as his eyes light up.

BTS kicks off their Map Of The Soul Tour on April 25 in Santa Clara, CA.

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