Ruling: BTS Will Not Get a Pass on Mandatory Military Service

The K-pop group is set to serve next year

Even being the biggest K-pop band in the world is not enough to exempt BTS from military service in South Korea.

Next year, the members of the Love Yourself: Persona group will have to start serving in their country’s military, according to a ruling from The Ministry of Defense that came down on Friday. The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism for the nation had previously asked for the men to be removed from consideration, given their celebrity status and touring plans.

“We decided that the system needs to be continued," explains the Ministry of Defense, citing that a change in the rules could have a huge impact on morale.

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South Korea is still technically at war with North Korea, which means that every man must serve in the military before the age of 28. Waivers have been granted in the past for athletes and other celebrities according to CBS News, but not this time around.

BTS recently returned from a well-deserved break after wrapping their world tour. The group released a remix of their song “Make It Right” featuring Lauv as their first step back into the spotlight.

Despite not being nominated for the 2020 GRAMMY Awards, it’s been a giant year for the K-pop stars, landing three number one albums in the course of a year. It’s the first time that has been accomplished since The Beatles.

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