Cardi B comes around on BLACKPINK after Twitter tussle with Blinks over 'Bet You Wanna'


Okay, Blinks, we know you’ve been waiting for BLACKPINK’s The Album for quite some time, and now the K-pop queens have finally bestowed their debut album upon us. The eight-track LP features bops that we have already been obsessing over plus brand new songs.

“How You Like That,” and Selena Gomez’s “Ice Cream” both debut on The Album. However, the song with the most buzz around it seems to be “Bet You Wanna” featuring rap royalty, Cardi B

Getting involved with BLACKPINK means preparing yourself to take on the ferocity of the supergroup’s intense fanbase. Cardi B’s Twitter has been flooded by Blinks, who are urging her to promote the new album, and Cardi is not too pleased with the constant Twitter spam. Last night, after the album dropped, the rapper Tweeted, “I really love the girls but I won’t let you lil kids play with me. I already got payed to do what I had to and I won’t do nomore.”

After a BLACKPINK stan referred to Cardi as “mental” on Twitter, Belcalis clapped back with, “I’m not mental I’m just not going to let lil kids disrespect me. Yall make relationships with artist be very weird cause of the weird hate ya be throwing and ya was doing that b4 the song came out. I already got pay and I don’t ask to be on songs I GET ASKED!”

However, after some of the Twitter drama calmed down, Cardi’s tweets and clap backs were deleted from her account and replaced with messages urging followers to stream The Album. BARDI PINK now being in full force, the “WAP” rapper tweeted, “BARDI PINK IN YOUR AREA! I need ya to download ‘The album’ by Blackpink and stream 'bet you wanna' show me down here ya did some.”

Finally, the best and probably most devilish promotion for Cardi’s new track on The Album came after the news broke that Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19. Cardi quote tweeted Trump’s tweet where he shares that he and Melania have both tested positive and she writes, “BET YOU WANNA” wear a mask now.”

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