Charli XCX to Show Making of Quarantine Album ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ in New Documentary

'It felt only natural to document myself making this album'

In May PC Pop star, Charli XCX, gave the world her DIY, made-the-quarantine album, How I’m Feeling Now. Now the “forever” singer is giving us a second extension of the “at-home” project.

The artist who keeps on giving to her fans, recently announced that she will be releasing a new documentary that chronicles the making of her quarantine album. The new film, 6ft Apart will allow all of Charli’s angels to further understand how she works, and how she created a masterful pop album in just 40 days.

“It felt only natural to document myself making this album,” explains XCX. “I don’t think I’ve ever made music in such a unique situation: being so logistically far apart from my collaborators, but going through exactly the same thing, writing songs about my relationship with my boyfriend sitting in the next room, and being so connected to my fans in such an intense and creative way, it felt quite overwhelming and heartwarming all at the same time. So I wanted to film it all.”

6ft Apart features famed music video directors, Bradley&Pablo, who have worked with the likes of Harry Styles, Rosalía, and Lil Nas X. A release date has not yet been set for the documentary, the film is still in post-production.

Charli’s workflow and process has always been something she’s shared with her angels. The deep bond between the artist and her fans is just one staple that makes the “Blame It On Your Love” singer so accessible. This new piece of media that Charli plans to release simply demonstrates how dedicated she is to allowing her craft to be a shared experience.

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