Charli XCX Reveals She Prioritized Her New Album Over Her Mental Health

The artist prioritizes honesty

Last Friday Charli XCX gave the world her new album, how i'm feeling now. The whole dreamy, synth-pop, do-it-yourself album is essentially a labor of love that XCX created while in quarantine. The singer made all facets of the album from home, with the help of artist and fan submission across all mediums.

how i'm feeling now debuted a little over a month after the initial project announcement and has been incredibly well received by fans and critics alike. However, in a tweet today the poster girl of PC music shares that she has been struggling now that she is no longer working on the album.

“Since releasing my album last week I’ve been in quite a fragile state. I suppose I was so caught up in making and releasing this album, a process that more often than not takes months, sometimes years to complete, that I really ignored my mental health and emotional needs,” shares Charli. The artists explains to fans in her open letter, that the work the album required distracted her so much from what is actually occurring in the world around her. She admits to feeling “lost, overwhelmed and fragile.”

In a way, the open letter feels like an extension of the album, because Charli is updating us once again on how she is “feeling now.” The honesty that she presents to all of her fans is not only refreshing but important. Talking about mental health is vital, and addressing that success often comes with emotional highs and lows helps depict a more realistic picture for many struggling with the same mental health dilemmas.

XCX strongly makes that point by saying, “I’m updating you on how I’m feeling because I want to be open and honest with you and I want to let you know that if you’re feeling emotionally volatile or a bit lost and confused right now - its ok.”

This highly candid letter allows us to peer into Charli’s process, make us feel closer to her and establish an even deeper connection to her music. We respect you Charli XCX.

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