Charlie Puth Reveals the Rock Legend on 'Mother' and What's Different About His Upcoming Album

Inside the recording of the singer’s new song

“Mother” is the latest look at Charlie Puth’s upcoming third album, a breezy bop that squeezes the sunshine out of the last days of summer. It’s so bright and bouncy you would have never guessed it came together while Puth was working with the Prince of Darkness.

While contributing to a new album from Ozzy Osbourne, Puth crossed paths with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, who ended up being a surprising and impressive addition to the song, adding drums to “Mother.”

“I was working on a couple songs for the Ozzy Osbourne record and Chad was playing on that, and I just played him that.” Puth tells RADIO.COM in the exclusive interview above, introducing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer to the track. “The song was mastered and ready to go, and I played it for him, and he was like, ‘I can add something to this.’”

“It’s just supposed to be like a fun, carefree, everything is so serious in the world why not take a like a three minute break kind of thing.”

“Mother” debuts everywhere at 1 PM ET on Thursday September 12. You can watch the premiere of the video below.

The addition of Chad Smith is unexpected, but so is the origin of the latest song from Puth, saying it sprung from a dream he had. “It was like a television show I made up in my mind,” he says, hearing the melody in the background. “I don’t know. The story in short is just completely made up, but it sounds like it happened.”

Puth is working on the follow-up to 2018’s Voicenotes, collaborating with Benny Blanco and approaching recording differently this time around. “It’s just gonna be more minimalistic sonically,” Puth tells RADIO.COM.

“It brought a lot of new ways in my mind of how to make a record. Where ‘Attention’ I made all the sounds perfect and pristine, every kick drum, every snare was layered in there very nicely in my opinion, then we put the vocals on top of that. But with Benny when I made ‘I Warned Myself,’ we made the track in like three seconds and then finished the song. Then when we listened to the track it sounded done because the song was done.”