Charlie Puth’s New ‘Girlfriend’ Video Is the Playful Optimism We Need Right Now

'I’ve never released a music video that wholeheartedly showed my personality'

Charlie Puth’s most recent single, "Girlfriend" is an up-beat bop that isn’t just reminiscent of summer flings and romance, but also simply playful and joyful. Now Puth fans have a music video to go along with the song, plus the video gives us a look into Puth’s bubbly personality.

“Girlfriend” gives us the storyline of a very eager Charlie who is looking to impress a potential partner, however, the “One Call Away” singer struggles to set up a proper dinner while striving for perfection for his date. The video takes us through Puth’s goofy, silly, sweet, and ultimately optimistic moments.

In a recent statement about how he wanted the video to come across, Charlie shares, “I’ve never released a music video that wholeheartedly showed my personality. The video for ‘Girlfriend’ is the first time I’ve truly been myself in every aspect. I can’t cook and I’m an absolute nerd. It’s also meant to visually represent what I want people to do when they hear my music and that’s to have fun in their very own way.”

The Pop Prince gives us a piece of colorful visual media that allows the viewer to feel the excitement of a first date all over again. Additionally, the video paired with the song just made us want to spin around our kitchens with a plate of rotisserie chicken in hand.

We can’t wait to see what else Charlie has in store for us.

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