Chlöe Bailey admits she was 'scared s***less' before her VMA performance: 'I could barely walk'

The 'Have Mercy' singer dishes with Julia during an Audacy Check In
By , Audacy

Chlöe Bailey is many things — talented, beautiful, successful, and we could go on, but one thing she’s not, is concerned about being mainstream. That said, her latest solo single “Have Mercy” has exploded onto the charts and taken over TikTok and she’s checking in with Audacy’s Julia to chat all about it, that VMAs performance, and what she has planned next.

While Chlöe’s no stranger to the spotlight, up until now in her career she’s been a double act with her sister Halle. However taking a break, to each do their own thing. So while her sister was off doing her Little Mermaid thing, Chlöe headed to the studio to cook up the instant bop.

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Since dropping the track, Chlöe has also blessed us with a just a saucy music video and an unforgettable VMAs performance. Speaking of, one thing you’ll find quite hard to believe is that despite her confident demeanor, Chlöe admitted she was beyond nervous ahead of that evenings performance.

“I honestly was not, so that means a lot. I was scared s***less,” the singer said in response to Julia pointing out the confidence she exuded on stage. Additionally admitting, “I could barely walk to the stage.” That being said, she also noted, “but I’m happy with how it turned out, I really am and I can not wait for more.”

So, whether or not pre-show jitters kick in, Chlöe always turns to the following rituals ahead of any performance. “Before any performance I have to pray, and I’ll do my vocal warm-ups because I don’t want my voice cracking on the stage, and I stretch.”

With the last on the list has been extremely important as of late, as Chlöe admitted, “I injure my body a lot, especially when I’m very excited.” Revealing she sprained her back the music video shoot, and her neck at her VMAs performance, both of which she is in the process of working on healing with a physical therapist.

Bringing the discussion back to her actual VMA performance, or rather how she felt immediately once it was over Chlöe said, “I didn’t know how it turned out, you know, it was just an out of body experience being on that stage. It went by like a blur and I just remember looking on my phone and seeing clips and I was like ‘it looks good!’ … so that was pretty cool.”