Dua Lipa, Madonna, and Missy Elliott Light Up 'Levitating' Remix Video

Has us 'feeling so electric'

So while the remix to “Levitating” dropped on Thursday, today Dua Lipa blessed us with the music video, and straight up, it is nothing short of epic.

When it comes to the track itself, Dua expressed to Apple Music, "I decided to take the party up a notch with the incomparable The Blessed Madonna." Well mission accomplished, that’s exactly what they did. The remix adds a rapid upbeat trance vibe to the already established hit. Plus with the actual Madonna lending her vocals, and Missy Elliott dropping one tastefully naughty verse, the club bop really delivers.

As for the visual, it might be missing Madonna’s physical presence, but Missy is present and accounted for and the rest is pure perfection, drenched in vivid hues of blues and reds. Imagine if you mixed Sailor Moon, HBO’s Euphoria, Twilight and some love in a cauldron, well you’d get the “Levitating” music video. With an underlying theme of “Love Conquers All,” the pop princess’s boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, even makes a few appearances.

The combination of Dua and The Blessed Madonna makes for one fierce duo, lucky for us they have plenty more where that came from. Yup, an entire album full, Club Future Nostalgia, will feature a remixed version of every song on the original album “n then sum.”

“I mean, just working on this whole project with The Blessed Madonna has been a surreal experience, noted Dua. “I think just really kind of aiming for the stars and manifesting and just saying the craziest things in the hopes that it might just happen.”

Well thanks for manifesting Dua, we’re gonna try and do that to make the album drop come sooner, we’ll see if it works. For now we’ll just keep watching the music video for the “Levitating” Remix and we suggest you do the same, check it out above.

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