EXCLUSIVE: Dua Lipa on Dream Collabs and the Meaning Behind ‘Don’t Start Now’

The singer gives us a glimpse into #DL2

There’s a fair share of “dance crying” coming on Dua Lipa’s highly-anticipated second album. She tells RADIO.COM in the exclusive interview above that plenty of powerful moments are a part of her sophomore effort, but overall she just wants everyone to enjoy themselves.

“Some of the songs on the record are a bit like dance crying, where you’re dancing but it has a sadder, deeper meaning underneath,” she smiles. “I think for the most of it I just want people to have a really good time, and that was the reason why I chose to start with ‘Don’t Start Now.’”

Dua Lipa enters the new era with “Don’t Start Now,” a rubbery, strutting slice of disco wrapped around her snarling kiss off and acrobatic voice. “It’s about moving on,” Lipa says of her new single, which she'll perform Sunday night on the 2019 American Music Awards. “It’s about finding confidence in that and not letting anyone get in the way of your happiness. I think it’s always important to remember that your happiness should come first.”

“It felt like a good place to start.”

Lipa explains that “Don’t Start Now” is a proper preview of what to expect from her upcoming LP, “it’s very nostalgic and fun and dancy,” she lights up. “It’s honest but not taking itself too seriously.”

We also learned that there our collaborations coming on #DL2, she’s just not ready to share them yet. “There are so many artists that I love, and I admire,” Lipa tells RADIO.COM. “There may be some collabs on the record but nothing that I’m ready to reveal just yet. I think I like to keep things a surprise for as long as I can.”

“My dream collaboration would be André 3000. I’m a massive fan of his,” Lipa reveals. “I’d love to work with Rihanna cause she’s just dope. I’d love to work with Frank Ocean, I’d love to work with Rosalía, I’d love to work with Lizzo. There is so many artists I love and am such a fan of. I think it’s amazing to see the way the music industry has evolved and how fun it is to see unexpected collaborations happening with different artists. It’s a step forward in the right direction I feel.”

For more from Dua Lipa, check out the full interview above. “Don’t Start Now” is now available everywhere.

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