Everything We Know About the BLACKPINK Documentary Coming To Netflix

Fans get an exclusive look at the group's creative process

Netflix is teasing a new documentary following star K-pop group BLACKPINK as they produce and record their upcoming debut album The Album. The streaming platform says Light Up the Sky, available to stream October 14, promises “an all-access” look at “one of the world's most popular groups.”

“We can’t wait to share our personal stories with Blinks all over the world through Netflix,” the group said in a statement. “We hope this film will bring joy and light to the viewers, and they will enjoy seeing our journey together on screen from the past four years.” BLACKPINK announced via Instagram their inclusion as Netflix profile icons.

Representatives for the streaming service say BLACKPINK’s young career exemplifies a burgeoning K-pop trend in the United States. “The K-pop phenomenon has been sweeping the globe and BLACKPINK has arguably become the most recognizable and most popular girl group in the world.” said Netflix’s Adam Del Deo, VP Documentary Features. “We’re thrilled to bring their story to their fans worldwide.”

Popular artists across the globe have collaborated with the group. During a recent interview with YouTube star NikkieTutorials, Selena Gomez praised BLACKPINK’s strong work ethic while collaborating on their latest single "Ice Cream." She says they are “extremely disciplined” and let talent guide their ambitions. “There isn’t anything that they wouldn’t strive to do. They were wonderful and I miss them."

Produced my Tommy Brown, Mr. Franks, TEDDY and 24, "Ice Cream," is one track featured on BLACKPINK’s highly anticipated album, The Album, scheduled to release on October 2.

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