EXCLUSIVE: Becky G on Smiling Through Holiday Gift Failures

Her Pisces side comes out

Becky G’s stock went way up in 2019, being a collaboration Queen and releasing a lot of fire over the past year. She’s done it all with a smile, being one of the kindest and sweetest artists we have ever had the chance to speak with.

Is there anything that could shake that smile from the “Sin Pijama” singer? We wanted to put it to the test. Today’s holiday etiquette question is all about getting bad gifts.

“I’m not a good liar. I have to admit,” she starts. “If somebody gave me a present that I wasn’t a fan of, I think I would die trying to hide it.”

Rather than hurt someone’s feelings, Becky G would struggle through to try to make you feel like your gift was a good idea. We’re looking at you Uncle Rick with your Listerine and your self-help books.

“You can see it on my face,” she adds. “Maybe someone should do it on purpose, just to be like, ‘okay I know I got her a bad gift but I just want to see her try to pretend that she’s really excited.’”

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Honestly it’s tough to get Becky G a bad gift, because she’s so grateful and kind. Even a suitcase organizer her aunt gave her moved her to tears. “I legitimately started crying. It was an emotional moment for me,” she confesses. “There goes the Pisces side of me.”

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