EXCLUSIVE: Getting to Know John K Track-By-Track

His drink of choice and a great candy hack

Since breaking through on the unshakable song “OT,” John K has been pushing towards the next level. The singer dropped his debut EP last year, and is back this month with Kelsea Ballerini helping him out on the remix to “if we never met.”

What better way to get to know somebody than through their music, so we asked him to tell us something about himself based on each of the songs on his latest release.

“Rum n Tequila”

“My drink of choice would be tequila cause it’s an upper,” John K grins. “It’s always a good time and margaritas are great.”

“if we never met”

“When I was kind of bummed out about not playing football anymore, I just played piano and sang and started writing songs,” he says, looking back on the football career he had that was sidelined by injury. He could have fought through it, but something else found him. “[I] eventually fell into what I now believe was my calling all along.”


When John K gets a chance to chill it’s usually binge watching with his dog, Lilly. “I like making popcorn at home. I like the smell. Microwave popcorn, just getting it out and pouring it in a big bowl, sitting on the couch.”


In 1999, John K loved flag football and was an expert trick-or-treater. “I was a pirate on rollerblades for five Halloweens in a row,” he laughs. “When you’re a pirate on rollerblades you can get so much more candy. Think about it. I was flying house to house, every year. And I started to grow out of the pirate costume, and I had the rollerblades just flying.”

You can find much more from John K here.

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