Artist to Artist: Niall Horan Asks Billie Eilish About 'The Office' and Wants a Collab

Did we just bring two of our favorite artists together? We think we did

If there was a Dundee Award for “Most Valuable Fan” of The Office, it would have to go to Billie Eilish. The GRAMMY nominee is a self-confessed fanatic about the show, with her love for Steve Carell and company reaching Threat Level Midnight levels.

Not only is Eilish constantly watching the show, even admitting to sometimes only listening to just the audio because she has the scenes memorized, she also beat Dwight K. Schrute star Rainn Wilson in a round of The Office trivia, and put clips from the show in her song "my strange addiction." She loves the show more than Kevin loves cookies, and it’s been proven over and over again.

Niall Horan is also an enthusiast when it comes to The Office, but it’s hard for him to pick which version. That’s what she said.

“I’d seen that you were a big ‘Office’ fan, and you were tested on it” Horan asks Billie in our Artist to Artist exclusive above. “Do you prefer the English ‘Office’ or the US ‘Office’? Tough question. I’m sitting on the fence to be honest.”

“Listen, I have only seen the first episode of the UK version of ‘The Office,’ and I could not get through that s***,” Billie laughs. “But I heard from somebody that felt the same way about the first episode. He was like, ‘the first episode, no way, but then as you keep going it gets better.’”

That's a pretty definitive answer, but it sounds like there could be hope for Eilish to eventually watch the Ricky Gervais version of the show. Maybe?

“I got to give it another chance,” she continues. “But, hell f***ing no, that s*** is trash,” she says through laughter. “From what I’ve seen. The US version is far better. I apologize.”

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Billie Eilish is certainly not on the fence like Niall Horan, but maybe they can still find some common ground.

“Also, no pressure but I would love to write some tunes with you,” the “Nice To Meet Ya” star adds. “Love your work. Best artist in the last 10 years.”

That’s huge praise from an artist who has been a part of the some of the biggest albums of the last decade, and Eilish obviously feels it. “Wow. That is so nice,” Billie says with surprise. “Geez, in the last 10 years? Wow Niall thank you for that. That’s very sweet. You’re a legend.”

This weekend Niall Horan is the musical guest for Saturday Night Live, offering up a preview of his Nice To Meet Ya Tour kicking off in 2020. You can find the full list of dates here.

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