EXCLUSIVE: Nick Jonas Gets Brotherly Advice for 'The Voice'

The show’s newest coach shows us his best reactions

Kevin Jonas is very careful with his words as we ask him to weigh in on Nick’s newest job.

“I hope he wins,” he says hesitantly about his brother’s new spot on The Voice, looking across the couch for Nick to offer some kind of sign. “I think advice would be, pick a great team, which I think you have… kinda, are working on,” he trails, desperate for confirmation.

“You don’t know if you’re allowed to say that I’m shooting it?” Nick Jonas responds, looking across Joe and into Kevin’s face, scrunched with apprehension. “I’m sensing that vibe.”

“I have started shooting,” Nick smiles to everyone’s relief, confirming that things are underway for his new position as judge and coach on NBC’s The Voice. “I was like, I’m…. gonna… stop… now,” Kevin adds.

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The brothers have no shortage of suggestions for how Nick should handle his role on the singing show, with Joe Jonas getting very serious about the task at hand.

“My advice would probably be, dominate,” Joe says plainly. “Crush the other judges. I think it’s all love naturally on those shows and there’s some competition but, he carries a very important last name with him when he walks into that room.”

Has Sansa Stark rubbed off on our sweet Joe Jonas? We’re getting some serious “honor your house” vibes from Sophie Turner’s husband. “He needs to bring home the trophy,” he adds. “Do they have a trophy?”

There is indeed a trophy, and Nick seems poised to take the throne, or championship, or whatever. You know. He’s already got a few looks down, showing us his “thoroughly impressed” open-mouth amazement and his thoughtful head nod.

“It’s a wide-range of looks and feelings,” Nick says. “I try to be as honest as possible.”

See all the faces of Nick, along with Joe and Kevin as the Jonas Brothers continues their Happiness Begins tour into next year.

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