'Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams Stars in Heartbreaking Video for Madeon's 'Miracle'

Watch it now

Madeon just dropped a music video for "Miracle" off his Good Faith album, recruiting two Game of Thrones resident badasses. In the video, directed by Lena Heady, who plays Cersei Lannister, we see Maisie Williams a.k.a. Arya Stark, dealing with the aftermath of a devastating accident.

The stunning visual has a very ominous and dark tone throughout, Taking us on an emotional journey, starting off with Williams and her significant other floating through space. At the track’s drop, we see that this is due to the actress dying as a result of a horrific accident.

In an a official press statement Madeon divulged that “a few months ago, while I was on tour, Lena reached out about making a video for ‘Miracle.’” He went on to say that “her vision was so clear, it was very different from the way I've illustrated the universe of my album Good Faith up to that point but I thought that's what made the idea so fascinating for me. She focused on the drama of the music and made a beautiful video. I'm very honored that my music inspired her!"

Good Faith made its debut in November 2019, and has so far turned out singles like "All My Friends," "Dream Dream Dream" and "Be Fine." For the albums release, the EDM producer sat down with Paper magazine to share his thoughts for the album’s inspiration saying, “a big theme for me was my relationship to my mood, my health, mental health and questioning for a while the validity of enthusiasm and joy, trying to understand where it came from and its legitimacy to some extent. The main thing I wanted to capture for sure was the smell of a summer day or the saturation of the sky. My experience of joy was the main driving thing. I reached for instruments that evoked joy for me. I wanted my ‘joy’ album.”

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