'Get Ready' for the Pitbull and Blake Shelton Collab You Didn't Know You Needed

The two link up for a Ram Jam reboot

Boots and booty have come together for an epic collaboration, as Blake Shelton joins Pitbull for a Country banger destined to be a part of your night out. The pair link up for “Get Ready,” a hyped-up reimagining of “Black Betty,” made popular by Ram Jam in 1977.

“Blake, this is far from the 305, Magic City lights,” a concerned Mr. Worldwide shares with Shelton on the front porch as the video begins.

“Pit, welcome to the countryside,” Blake smiles back.

This country is a little different from what the “God’s Country” star is used to. First off, the bulls are mechanical and the pants are optional. Pit, as we will now forever refer to him, spends most of “Get Ready” at the Hard Rock Hotel pool, while Shelton drops his hook from the bar.

The video was shot in Tennessee and Florida, and the song has actually been in the works for years. According to a behind-the-scenes feature on the making of “Get Ready,” Pitbull was inspired by meeting Blake Shelton and his dog named Black Betty. “It stayed in my mind,” Pit says, eventually reworking a song they had in the holster since 2014. “It goes to show you, patience is a virtue.”

“This to me is like when Run-DMC and Aerosmith, when they did ‘Walk This Way,’” Pit explains.

“I’m honored to be on a record with you,” adds Shelton.

Watch “Get Ready” above.

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