Gwen Stefani Just Reminded Us of Her Natural Roots: The Singer Wasn't Always Blonde

The singer has always rocked great hair styles

The term “platinum blonde” has almost always been synonymous with the iconic look of Gwen Stefani. When you think of Stefani you think of three things; No Doubt, the spelling of the word “bananas,” and the singer’s perfectly smooth platinum locks.

However, the GRAMMY-winning singer reminded us that she hasn’t always been rocking the blonde look. In an Instagram post wishing her brother, Eric Stefani, a happy birthday, Gwen shares a throwback photo where she is sporting her natural, brunette, hair color. She tells the No Doubt co-founder in her caption, “I wouldn’t be me without you!”

While we adore the blonde Stefani that we have always known and loved, we also love the young Stefani who hadn’t found their signature look yet. Fans seem to agree. In several comments on the throwback, image followers made remarks such as “Bring Back Brunette!”

In order to maintain her luminous white gold hair, Gwen’s stylist shared that they color her hair every Monday, before filming The Voice. However, the last time The Voice coach dawned a hair color other than blonde it was back in her grungy No Doubt days. In 1998 Stefani rocked blue and then neon pink.

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