EXCLUSIVE: Harry Styles on the Meaning of 'Adore You' and Advice from Stevie Nicks

The singer celebrates release day in fishnet stockings

Sitting in a parked car in London as the rain pours down around him, Harry Styles reached out to RADIO.COM to celebrate the release of his new single, “Adore You.”

“I’m wearing bicycle shorts and fishnet stockings,” Harry explains, setting the scene. “Yeah baby.”

The towering and powerful song filled with soaring soul and cutting guitar is the latest look at Styles’ sophomore album, Fine Line, arriving everywhere on December 13. Written in only a day, the song is another strong statement about the new era of Harry.

“I think it’s about that initial infatuation stage, that heavy feeling of just bliss,” he says of “Adore You.”

“It’s like a blissful, joyous connection with someone.”

“We just had so much fun making it,” Styles recalls. “They’re usually the ones that end up kind of working the best, are the ones where everyone’s having fun making it. It doesn’t feel like, ‘ugh god we got to write this song.’ It just kind of writes itself. It’s just fun and everyone’s having a good time.”

Styles explains he’s excited to put Fine Line into the world, with mixed emotions of giving something away that’s been his for so long. Noted as a more open and vulnerable effort than his debut, it’s a look into the life of Styles that we haven’t had the pleasure of before. “This is the exciting part where it’s finished and you get to start letting people hear it, so I’m excited to put it out now.”

Styles has become friends with some music royalty since releasing his self-titled solo debut in 2017, including inducting and performing with Stevie Nicks during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony earlier this year. The two have become close, and the “Edge of Seventeen” icon has provided some good advice along the way.

“Probably just go with your gut,” he says of what he’s learned from Stevie. “Just do what you want to do.”

Harry hits the road in 2020, ready to bring Fine Line around the world with plenty of Styles' signature looks. For him, music and fashion have always been intertwined, and hopefully always will be.

“Music and fashion, you’re supposed to have fun with them. It’s supposed to be fun and playful. People I kind of grew up listening to like Elvis, and David Bowie, and the Stones and people like that, it’s part of the show because it’s fun. I just like to have fun with it and I think as I’ve become more comfortable with myself, it’s nice to have fun with clothes and dressing up.”

You can hear much more from Harry Styles in the interview above. Fine Line is out everywhere on December 13.

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