HOME SCHOOLED: Lewis Capaldi Finds No Pants 'Freeing' During Self-Isolation

The singer is also working on his second album

This time of social distancing has meant different things to different people. For Lewis Capaldi it has meant letting go of some things - like pants - and starting something new, like the follow-up to his debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent.

“Let me tell you what I have learned about my second album so far,” he grins from inside his self-isolation. “It might be terrible, because I am not very good at writing songs when I’m stuck in my house.”

The “Someone You Loved” singer sent us the video above for our “Home Schooled” series, as artists share tips and lessons from inside their own homes during this uncertain time. For Capaldi, he’s home with his parents, which makes all these revelations more interesting.

“It’s been a strange few weeks. It’s a bit weird not having to get up and do anything, or leave the house to do anything. This is the first day I’ve showered in quite some time,” he admits. “My personal hygiene’s at an all-time low.”

“I’m not even wearing pants at the minute. I just threw this on. I’ve been boxers only baby!”

It’s been “freeing” for Capaldi, obviously, but his parents aren’t as enthused.

“They’re saying ‘Lewis please, put some pants on, you look disgusting.’ To that I have said ‘no,’ I’m self-isolating and this is how I choose to do it.”

To see more of Lewis Capaldi, from the top up only, check out the full video above.

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