HOME SCHOOLED: Pink Sweat$ Is Watching 'Tiger King' Too

What to watch while you’re home

Pink Sweat$ is keeping things smooth and easy at home, catching up on his "queue" and delivering us some recommendations.

The “Honesty” singer sent us this video from inside his house for our “Home Schooled” series, as the Philadelphia R&B star practices social distancing during the coronavirus crisis. It’s the safe and healthy choice for everyone, and an excuse to watch all the shows and movies you never have time for.

“Three things you need to see while you’re home,” says Pink Sweat$, predictably draped in pink. “One is ‘The Platform,’ because it’s a crazy psycho movie, and it will get your mind off of all this.”

“Two is gonna be ‘Tiger King,’ because ‘Tiger King,’ he’s a crazy, crazy guy,” he explains, searching for words to describe how bonkers it actually is. “You will love the show. You’ll thank me later.”

“Three, ‘Self Made,’ Madam C. J. Walker story. It’s an amazing story. She’s the first female self-made multi-millionaire in America. Look at the story, it’s amazing.”

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