Jackson Wang Gives Us '100 Ways' to Stay Connected While in Quarantine

He’s back with the first song from his second album

Even it these tough times, you have to dance.

Jackson Wang shared the video above with RADIO.COM, dancing along to his new single, “100 Ways,” sporting a medical mask in self-quarantine. The GOT7 member and K-pop King won’t let the current state of the world stop him from kicking off a new era, and he’s doing it with an absolute bop.

“100 Ways” is our first sample from Wang’s upcoming second solo album, and the singer is anxious to spread some joy as coronavirus concerns have changed the world’s way of life.

“Always trying to be a better artist, continuing to make music, hoping my music can bring some joy to everyone during this hard time,” Jackson wrote on Twitter. “Wash your hands. Take good care and stay healthy. Let’s Fight over this together. Love you all.”

Last year Wang released Mirrors, and shot into the top 40 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. The album explored new sonic landscapes for Jackson, mixing soaring ballads with grinding club anthems, while also coming home to his Hip Hop roots. Now he’s back with another big step forward, mixing culture and choreo, Pop polish with his big vocals still standing in the center. It sets the stage for a big year, for an already gigantic star.

Wang says we can expect a full album later this year. "100 Ways" from Jackson Wang is now available everywhere.

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