Jimmy Fallon on the Parenting Advice He Would Give Justin Timberlake


Jimmy Fallon is not new to the parent game. Both he and his wife are parents to two young daughters.

The Tonight Show host said he is the first to say he might not be a huge help when it comes to parenting advice for his good friend singer Justin Timberlake.

Timberlake shares a 4-year-old son Silas with Jessica Biel. Fallon was asked by Entertainment Tonight about the challenges of raising a toddler, and if he has any advice for JT.

While Fallon is a father, he said his experiences are “undoubtedly different.”

“I have two, I have two girls, he has a boy,” Fallon said. According to ET, Fallon has a 6-year-old daughter Winnie and 4-year-old daughter Frances.

“I mean Silas, he’s a good kid, but he’s a boy,” Fallon said. "Even when he was like 2, he was wearing cooler outfits than anyone," Fallon said. "I was like, 'where do you get outfits like that?' He had like baggy pants and like Nikes that are unreleased and stuff. I was like, 'what? This kid is the coolest kid in the world,” he continued.

The advice Fallon has for Timberlake is ask “someone who knows just a bit more.”

"Justin's a good dad and, you know what, when all fails just talk to Jessica," Fallon said. "She's awesome, so she'll help!" he continued.

During the interview Fallon promoted his most recent children’s book, This Is Baby.

Fallon has a lot of advice for parents in his latest book about children. “I’m much more tired than I’ve ever been,” Fallon said, but he continued to express how rewarding it is being a father.

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