Audacy Check In: Ben Platt says his new single ‘Imagine’ came ‘at the perfect time’

Plus, Platt gives us the inside scoop on his touring plans

Ben Platt has won GRAMMY, TONY, and EMMY awards, but his newest single “Imagine” brings him as much joy as those awards, if not more.

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Platt joined Audacy’s Julia for an Audacy Check In where he took us inside the making of the song. When he was presented with the song from Michael Pollack and Jon Bellion, he was able to connect with it right away.

“I immediately connected with it and it made me think of Noah [Galvin] (Platt’s boyfriend) right away,” Platt says. “I think it met me at the perfect time because this whole pandemic has been a real bonding experience for Noah and I. I think it’s a make or break time for everyone in their relationships. For us, it was really a make it kind of time. We spent a lot of time together and met each other's families. Our relationship just deepend a lot.”

Platt credits the song with creating something positive out of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I think singing a song about how grateful I am that he made something so traumatic and mundane like this pandemic into something really beautiful and magical, felt like the perfect thing to say to him. It felt very authentic,” Platt says.

“Imagine” has been given the cover treatment since it’s release, but there’s one remixed version of the song that caught Platt by surprise. “What I wasn’t expecting was the Tiësto remix,” he said. “I don’t know, when you think of Ben Platt, I don’t know if you think of Tiesto. But now you do!”

Platt says his album “will be out by the end of the summer.” That leads us to the next logical question. Will there be a tour?

“At the beginning of next year there will be a tour of the new record, which I’m very excited to do,” he said. “All I want is to sing live, I’ve missed it so so much. I can’t wait to get in front of crowds and sing music.”

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