Join us for an Audacy Check In with Wonho

His 'Blue Letter' mini-album is now available everywhere
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K-pop superstar Wonho joined Audacy's Julia for a special Check In on the release day of his second mini-album Blue Letter and answered all the fan questions.

Wonho’s musical journey has given fans dance-able bop after dance-able bop, and this new collection of tracks is already nothing short of stellar!

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During the conversation, Wonho started by sharing, “I’m really thankful for my fans and as I always say, the love they show me is amazing.” Next, the artist went into telling us some background details about his latest release.

He explained why he incorporated the color blue into his new mini-album title and added, “I can’t say that I love the color blue per se, but it somehow became my ‘signature color….’ I also thought it’s a great color to express emotions.” Wonho concludes by saying he doesn’t have a favorite color but leans towards liking black.

Wonho explained that his biggest inspiration for Blue Letter was being able “to overcome feeling depressed and other hardships thanks to my fans. I wanted to talk about that in the album, like the process of it.”

He continues, “And then I was inspired by my thoughts on which direction to take moving forward.”

When it comes to future music, Wonho shared that he is open to doing an R&B collab and would love to work with Khalid.

Check out Wonho’s full interview above!

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