EXCLUSIVE: Joji Takes Us Behind the Curtain for the Making of 'Run' Video

Inside the never-ending limousine

Fame can be a nightmare. That’s the fact Joji wakes up to in his new video for “Run.”

The memorable setting is a limousine that seems to stretch endlessly and the singer, who is navigating the transition from YouTube sensation Filthy Frank to smooth crooner, is taking us inside the surreal “vehicle” for the making of the clip.

“Take your time, Joji,” implores a crew member as he stumbles between two rows of people who are having a much better time than he is, sipping champagne and enjoying a hot tub while he tries to escape. See more in our exclusive video above.

The finished video cuts back and forth between that setting and one in which Joji is lying on the ground, visibly cracking. He finally busts his way out of the limo only to find himself alone in a vast desert. A digitized voice finally orders him to “wake up.”

“Run” is the first single from Joji’s forthcoming second album and the follow-up to 2018’s Ballads 1. His performance of the song on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” earlier this month was his American television debut.

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