Jonas Brothers Get in an 80s Groove for 'Only Human' Video

The latest from ‘Happiness Begins’

The Jonas Brothers have taken a break from their Happiness Begins tour to take you back in time for their “Only Human” video.

Joe, Nick, and Kevin keep the party going for their third single from their comeback album, offering up timeless melodies with some throwback style. With plucky notes and a reggae undertone, the song was co-written by Swedish songwriter Shellback, and is the latest infectious slice of the group’s number one album.

The video for “Only Human” was shot last month in New York City, with onlookers spotting Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra both making visits to the set. Two of the “J Sisters,” Chopra and Turner have also been popping up at shows on the JoBro’s Happiness Begins tour which kicked off last week.

Along with Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw, the Jonas Brothers have started their first tour in years with a mix of new music and fan favorites, wowing crowds throughout the first week of shows. The tour will continue across the US into December. You can find the full list of upcoming dates here.

The summer of Jonas has been non-stop. In addition to a chart-topping album, a stellar comeback tour, and a critically acclaimed documentary, the brothers plan on exploring their relationship further in their upcoming memoir, BLOOD.

According to a release for the book, BLOOD "details the incredible true story of the Jonas Brothers, from the band’s creation, phenomenal rise to superstardom, break up at the height of their fame, and now reunification." The book promises to be "told in their own words" and "totally unfiltered."

BLOOD is due out on November 12th. You can pre-order your copy here.