Jonas Brothers Honor 'Grease' and 'Risky Business' in 'What A Man Gotta Do' Video

Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas for the assist

The Jonas Brothers are kicking off 2020 with a hand-jive’ing, floor sliding new video, honoring their wives through classic movie scenes from Risky Business, Grease, and Say Anything. The trio has debuted their first new song of the decade, with the video for “What A Man Gotta Do” showing the brothers wowing their better halves in some iconic ways.

Nick Jonas goes full Tom Cruise, losing the pants for a sock slide across the living room to serenade his wife Priyanka Chopra. She eventually shows him up in the pantless sing-off.

Elsewhere Joe Jonas hits the gym for a Grease hand jive session with wife Sophie Turner, as Matthew Modine looks on. The school girl Sophie gets tapped out by a black leather version of Sophie (Rizzo?), shocking her husband and dominating the dance floor.

Things are slightly more romantic for Kevin Jonas, who raises the boombox over his head for a Say Anything-inspired call to his wife Danielle. Since it’s 2020 and tapes are unreliable, Kevin opts for an iPhone above his head instead to coax her out of her home for a driveway dance.

The whole family is here for the latest from the Jonas Brothers, continuing their streak of success after a monster return in 2019. Sophie Turner wins the day, out-dancing Joe in not one, but two outfits, flexing her Sansa-style power over the rest of her Jonas relatives.

“What A Man Gotta Do” is now available everywhere. Keep an eye out for much more from the Jonas Brothers coming soon from RADIO.COM.

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