Jonas Brothers, Lizzo, and Billie Eilish on Their Most Memorable Halloween Costumes

From a highlight of Lizzo’s life to something embarrassing for Joe Jonas

Halloween is here, and it’s got us thinking about some of our wins and losses over the years. Sure there are a few costumes we’d like to take back. We still find blue Avatar paint in weird places sometimes. But, there’s also been some major victories over the years that belong in the Costume Hall of Fame, patent pending.

The same goes for our favorite artists, who tell us about some of their best and biggest fails for Halloween in the exclusive RADIO.COM video above.

Lizzo nailed it last year, finally accomplishing her dream of becoming Sailor Moon. “I just love Sailor Moon so much my entire life, ever since I was very young” she gushes. “One year I made a ratchet Sailor Moon out of the things that I had. I just wore like, a bow and I had these little buns on my head. But last year my stylist Marco actually made me a full custom outfit and it was so beautiful.”

“That’s actually one of the highlights of my life,” she smiles. “Forget Halloween. My life.”

Joe Jonas hasn’t always been so lucky. The Jonas Brothers singer shared with us a traumatizing memory of a bible costume gone wrong during the conservative youth of the JoBros.

“I celebrated in the Halloween parade, as Jonah in the whale” Joe says of his middle school experience, dressed as the bible character who was swallowed by a whale and survived inside his stomach. “I was so embarrassed to explain to kids at my public school what I was, a bible character, so instead I said ‘I’m an old man who was swallowed by a whale.’”

“I eventually changed it to shark because whale wasn’t scary enough. So that’s the most embarrassing costume, and I’m passing it on to my future children,” he laughs.

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“We had like, it was called 'Harvest Fest,' at our church. A sort of like, religious Christian-approved celebration of Halloween,” remembers Nick Jonas. “Such a sad sentence,” adds Joe.

“I went as Blue from ‘Blue’s Clues,’ I went as The Hamburglar one time,” Nick explains. “And then one other time I guess I did go as Mark Wahlberg. I just wore baggy jeans and a backwards hat. It was one of my best costumes.”

From turning your hat around to cutting felt into feathers, Halloween costumes come in all shapes and sizes, and mostly effort levels.

“I feel like the one I worked the hardest on, I was an owl,” Billie Eilish tells RADIO.COM. After ordering a bodysuit and hand-making the colorful feathers, there was no end to Eilish’s owl ambition. “I put two rods, and then put more fabric, and I made wings,” she says proudly. “I had orange eye contacts and feathers all over my face. That s*** was hard.”

To learn Becky G’s favorite costume and what Camila Cabello wore to Taylor Swift’s Halloween party, check out the full video above.

Happy Halloween, remember your choices this week live on forever. “I see you.”

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