EXCLUSIVE: Jonas Brothers Reveal Your Suggestions for 'What A Man Gotta Do'

The trio is taking your advice

They asked the question, and you answered. The Jonas Brothers dropped their first song of 2020 last week, strutting their way through “What A Man Gotta Do,” wondering what it takes to reach full-time status with a significant someone.

We opened it up to you, hoping to give Nick, Joe, and Kevin what they’re looking for. What does a man got to do to get locked down for the long run? The answers came pouring in from across the country, and in the exclusive video above the trio shares your best suggestions.

“What a man gotta do? Actually load the dishwasher the correct way,” Joe Jonas exclaims, reading the advice of Renee from Norfolk, VA.

Jordy K wanted the brothers to do another impression of the Kardashians, after watching their hilarious Tik Tok clip recreating one of their famous fights. “We might have one in the works,” Joe admits. “It became a virus on the internet,” jokes Nick Jonas. “So viral it’s a virus,” adds Joe.

“What a man gotta do? Make dinner,” Joe reads from Carrie in Buffalo, NY. “Even if it’s Chef Boyardee. The thoughtfulnees is there.”

“I think she’s talking to her boyfriend.”

For some it’s not even dinner, it could be as simple as a snack according to one suggestion. It’s the key to avoiding hangry moments in any relationship, but what kind of snacks are best for the “Sucker” singers?

“I’m a big fans of ants on a log,” Nick explains. “Celery, almond butter, raisins.”

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“What a man gotta do? Put his clothes in the laundry basket,” reads Kevin Jonas. “That is from your wife,” says Joe.

“You leave stuff, everywhere,” Nick tells Kevin, as a JoBro intervention unfolds before our eyes. “Kevin does leave his belongs. He’ll have a half-drank La Croix, and leave it just on the couch,” Joe continues. “Just there, I guess for me to pick up.”

There’s plenty more suggestions read from the Jonas Brothers, because they follow through, unlike Kevin’s La Croix. Watch the full video above, and check out the group’s latest song, “What A Man Gotta Do” here.

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