Justin Bieber 'super emotional' behind the scenes of his new 'Lonely' video

A cathartic look at the superstar's troubled childhood

Justin Bieber’s latest music video for “Lonely” gave fans a look behind the trauma-ridden curtain of his childhood singing career. Now, video co-star Benny Blanco is digging deeper with a behind the scenes look at the project’s production.

We spy Justin and Benny playing socially distant ping pong, rigged with protective masks. "It's COVID-time, we're wearing masks, you made me take this off for the thing, I feel a little threatened, I don't feel great,” Blanco tells the camera, as heartbreaking video scenes flash across the screen.

Fans get a chance to see child star Jacob Tremblay portray Biebs during his ascent to stardom. Choreographers even show Jacob some iconic dance moves that never materialized in the final cut. We also get a glimpse of Justin and Benny wearing massive arm extensions, another wrinkle omitted from the music video.

Cameras caught Justin sitting in the empty auditorium and got his perspective on the video’s concept. “It’s just so cool to see the perspective of how I felt when I was that age and not knowing what was to come,” he told the crew. “This has definitely been super emotional to watch.”

“Lonely” hit fans and streaming platforms hard, last Friday. The single has already eclipsed 16 million streams on Spotify. It’s a collaboration between Bieber and Blanco and was written by the two along with FINNEAS. As a melancholy piano medley plays, Bieber delivers an emotional set of lyrics.

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Before releasing the video, Justin tweeted his raw emotions concerning the single’s message. “To be honest the song is hard for me to listen to considering how tough it was to get through some of these chapters. I believe it is powerful to express vulnerability and that’s why I believe this song is so powerful.”

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