Katy Perry Slyly Shares Release Date for Upcoming 5th Album

When you can expect KP5 has been confirmed

Today Katy Perry stans around the world are definitely feeling on top of the world, because the release date for Perry’s fifth studio album has finally been announced. With her newest single, “Daisies,” dropping this Friday, May 15, the news comes at the perfect time.

In a recent tweet from a Katy Perry fan twitter account we see that Amazon’s Alexa breaks the news in a notification that reads, “Katy asked me to let you know that her new album will be released on August 14.”

In the last year Katy has released a handful of songs that have kept fans wanting more. From “Never Really Over” to “Never Worn White,” these tracks have served as a way to keep us excited for what’s to come. This fifth album with be Perry’s first newly released LP since 2017.

This Friday, the pop diva will perform her new single “Daisies” for the first time during an Amazon music live stream event. This moment will hopefully give fans more insight into what we can expect from her now highly anticipated new album.

We are honestly thrilled that Perry is back and keeping us on the edge of our seats. Between getting a new Katy Perry album, a new Lady Gaga album and Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj making chart history, this summer will really be all about these strong female icons.

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