Lewis Capaldi Has the Best Reaction to Having the Number 1 Song in the US

The singer is filled with some dangerous energy
Lewis Capaldi performs on the Other Stage during day four of Glastonbury Festival
Photo credit Ian Gavan / Stringer

After weeks of campaigning to be “America’s Sweetheart,” Lewis Capaldi finally did it.

Someone You Loved” is the number one song in the country, passing by Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” to claim the top position. The Scottish singer spoke with Billboard about the big moment, and he’s more than just a little excited.

“I'm so full of energy and I just feel like I could punch a lion in the mouth,” he explains. “I feel like I could punch a lion right in its stupid mouth. That's what I feel like,” he adds with a laugh.

Lion-punching energy is reserved only for the highest achievers, also we should note… very ill-advised, dangerous, and cruel. Still, it’s a special level of confidence only felt by a few this year, and Capaldi has earned the right to be a little extra.

“I feel like America's Sweetheart, at least for a moment. At least for a fleeting moment, I feel like I'm the sweetest heart in all of the U.S. of A.,” he continues in his talk with Billboard. “It feels good. I feel terrific. I feel like I'm a wrestler, and I'm just walking out and there's an American flag, and I'm saying 'U.S.A.! U.S.A.!' That's what I feel like, a wrestler.”

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Further cause for celebration, Capaldi has announced that he’s going to tour this U.S. of A. with Niall Horan in 2020, kicking off a tour in April. You can find the full list of dates below.

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